Portfolio Assets with Investment Plans

Multiply your income with our various investment packages with amazing profit margins. 



Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new asset class compared to ‘traditional’ asset classes, such as equities and bonds, here we have selected the best cryptocurrencies with the best performance


We have over 50plus currencies in our Forex trading spot market that are best economical performers and with favorable volatility


We have selected over 3,000 stocks from Blue chips or new IPOs, great US markets and local European exchanges


We have analyzed and selected over 120 Options which give our portfolio great leverage for profit over 80% of the trades.


Precious metals are included in our assets as spot traded commodities, via multiple instruments, with over 10 forex crosses.


We have proven ourselves all this years by selecting the best of all ranging from SPDR® Portfolio Corporate Bond ETF,iShares Broad USD Invm Grd Corp Bd ETF,Schwab 5-10 Year Corp Bd ETF and more

Investment Plans

Basic Plan

Silver plan

Golden Plan

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